We’re thrilled to unveil the new era of luxury fitness for women – GIGAFIT Lady V4! Our latest gym, launching first in the US Market, is where innovation meets elegance, designed exclusively for the modern woman.

Introduction of GIGAFIT Lady V4! 1

Why Gigafit Lady V4?

  • Luxury & Innovation: State-of-the-art fitness technology in a luxurious environment.
  • Exclusively for Women: Tailored to empower and inspire women in their fitness journey.
  • Quality First: Every detail is curated to exceed your expectations.
Introduction of GIGAFIT Lady V4! 1

Experience the future of women’s fitness through these images, showcasing a first glance at our concept; the perfect blend of style and functionality. Gigafit Lady V4 is more than a gym; it’s a sanctuary where empowerment and wellness converge.

Concept developed in collaboration with our architect @lucieg.architecture

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